Since 2007 we have been very busy.

Capacity Building Program

This program is concerned with building the capacity of PAT staff, PAT members and community members depending on the nature of project and needs of client. PAT has competent trainers in different spheres. These include; Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Gender Equality, Entrepreneurship, performing arts (traditional and contemporary dances, puppetry, stage play acting, community theatre acting etc.), Human rights and children rights. PAT under the capacity building program also offers team building services to organizations, institutions and corporations. To ensure client satisfaction, each service whether training or team building is custom made to client’s needs and wants. PAT ensures there is constant communication with the client to deal with any arising matter.

Income Generating Activity

This program is aimed at generating income to the organization in order to meet its obligation to staff salaries, office rent and utilities and at the same time providing income to PAT members and program beneficiaries. Products such as greeting cards and children story books are made from recycled paper and sold. T-shirt printing is also done under this program. This program’s beneficiaries are out of school youths, teenage mothers and PAT members

Community Engagement Program

The program focuses of awareness creation and community behaviour change. Any engagement which targets the community is overseen by the Community Engagement Program Officer may it be a training or community theatrical performance.

Publicity Program

All activities within PAT are aimed at raising PAT’s profile in the public domain and to ensure that the public engages with our team and the work we do. This program aims at increasing the visibility of PAT’s work through the media, regionally and globally.

Arts Program

This program is mainly concerned with the development and nurturing of artistic pieces/ expressions within PAT.  The Arts Program working together with the training program ensures PAT thespians have the required up to date skills in visual and performed arts depending on a member’s preferred artistic expression choice. Art Program comes up with the performances used in community engagement depending on the needs and directives of the client.  The client is invited to vet and approve any artistic piece developed before it is exposed to the client’s target beneficiaries. This ensures the client knows exactly what his/ her beneficiaries are being exposed to and that it conforms to the client’s goals and objectives.